WATCONNECT® Control Panels
Tens of Thousands of Configuration Options, Two-Week Standard Delivery
WATCONNECT® standard control panels that are quickly configured to your specific application requirements and delivered within two weeks. WATCONNECT panels integrate Watlow’s high-quality heater, sensor, temperature controller and power controller products for a complete thermal solution. Normally, competitive custom panels require significantly longer lead times. The broad range of standard features allow customers to quickly configure panels that usually would be considered custom for delivery within two weeks.

Watlow’s customers will be impressed with the speed and ease of specifying, selecting, pricing, ordering and delivery. WATCONNECT panels are flexible and scalable; there are thousands of configurable, pre-engineered panel solutions available.
Features & Benefits

Multiple Access Points
Eliminates extended lead times and pain associated with redesign work
Tens of Thousands of Configuration Options
Tailored to fit the needs of a wide range of applications
Delivery within Two Weeks
Avoid the long lead times associated with other “custom” panel
Full Documentation Provided for All WATCONNECT panels
Eliminate lengthy approval processes
Robust library of standard I/O options
For a high-level of monitoring and control
Includes integrated Watlow heaters, sensors, and controls
For a full, reliable thermal solution